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Beer & Cider

Dept. Lager

4.8% Premium aged lager, clean, crisp by Highline Brewing. 473ml


Crispy Pils

4.8% A true Pilsner – clean Alberta grain flavour followed by a dry crisp hop finish by Jasper Brewing 473ml


High Life

4.6% The champagne of beers 355ml



4.2% Irish, dry, stout 440ml



6.5% Dry hopped, west coast IPA. Citrusy and floral 473ml


Sunny Cider

5.1% A classic Apple Cider. Dry and incredibly refreshing. Made with a combination of Calgary urban apples and Okanagan apple juice 473ml


Gluten free

Club Mate +

5% A vodka cocktail flavoured with cherry, lemon and the amazing South American tea, Yerba Maté. A Confluence & HLB Collab. 355ml


Gluten free
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